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tvrealm → guide to all things sherlock.

for tvrealm's 3x19 challenge.



the whore of babylon was a perfectly nice girl by out_there
sherlock/john | rating: r | word count: 30k+ | complete
Sherlock turns up the collar of his own coat, holding the wool closed over his mouth and cheeks. "I don't share what belongs to me."
If John wasn't afraid of his fingers falling off or shattering like icicles, he'd be pointing at the scarf wrapped around his own head. "Right now, that makes no sense."
"I wasn't talking about the scarf."

the paradox series by wordstrings
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 40k+ | series
Nearly in tears, Sherlock tries very hard to get a hold of himself. His hand is over his breast as if he's trying to keep the laughter in. It really can't be dignified, laughing this hard. But John Watson is clearly insane, and that is hilarious. It's also a marvelous thing to have found out--that Sherlock might be a high-functioning sociopath, but his flatmate John Watson is mad as a hatter.

the progress of sherlock holmes by ivyblossom
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 60k+ | complete
Curled up under the bedclothes. Right side of the bed. John’s bed. Feels so familiar. Comfortable. Perfect. All four of John’s hospital corners destroyed. His bed: a chaos of me. He should be delighted. I have brought him the gift of complete disarray.

the world on his wrist by bendingsignpost
sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 30k+ | au | complete
“I don’t want to sleep,” John says, watching the fog clear away from Sherlock’s eyes. “I want to be awake, all the time, right here.”
elsewhere come morning by bendingsignpost
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 30k+ | au | sequel | wip
He considers explaining his rule of separate socialization. He should tell Sherlock how confusing it is already, living like this. He ought to mention that having four of Harry has taught him to never want more than one of anyone else, the sheer bloody impracticality of it. He has yet to bring up the topic of another flatmate down in Wandsworth and he likes a life where he can have both friend and madman, where he never has to choose.

the skeleton winter by branwyn
sherlock/fem!john | rating: m | word count: 25k+ | complete
Joanna knows that enlisting as the only recruit in Sherlock's private army isn't going to make her less damaged. But Sherlock puts her damage to good use. Joanna thinks that is by far the best thing that could have happened to her. It may, in fact, be the only thing that could have saved her.
let sense be dumb by branwyn
sherlock/fem!john | rating: m | word count: 13k+ | sequel | wip
"Sherlock doesn't like it when she gets kidnapped and tied up and knocked about. When she's in danger, a large portion of his magnificent brain eats itself alive with worrying for her, and that process consumes a great deal more energy than converting proteins and carbohydrates into energy."

the infiltrate series by skipanddi (ladyflowdi)
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 100k+ | series
“I want your only thought to be me. I want to be the only thing you can see, hear, smell; I want to consume you, to drag you into me.”
When the epiphany comes it crushes him, rearranges all his thoughts into perfect order, an order he could never have foreseen. Sherlock doesn’t have to explain himself, but he doesn’t need to -- John is already the center of Sherlock’s universe. He’s only returning the favor.

horse and carriage by flawedamythyst
asexual!sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 25k | series
John took a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air, and thought that despite the complications caused by being a straight man married to an asexual one, the difficulties of trying to explain his life to outsiders, the certainty that he was never going to be with a woman again, and even the weeks-old corpses, this marriage really was the best idea that Sherlock had ever had.

unexpected addiction by random_nexus
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 8k+ | complete
"How the bleeding hell could I possibly want to fuck anyone else after having had you?"

the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep by greywash
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 80k+ | post-reichenbach | complete
Love is a much more vicious motivator.

dates of vast importance by mia6363
sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 7k+ | complete
April 6th, 2010. 1:03 a.m. – John held my hand.

the other side of impossible by jenwryn
fem!sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 1.5k+ | complete
John Watson, you see, has been ignoring her all morning.

encounter by s0mmerspr0ssen
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 10k+ | series | complete
John is a burglar who lives off what he steals. One day, he breaks into 221B, Baker Street thinking that it's empty. It's not empty: Sherlock Holmes is having a self-bondage session.

the inconsequential death of mr. stevens by stickstockstone
sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 5.5k+ | au | complete
"Oh." Watson hesitantly extends a hand towards the not-quite-as-burnt report that has again been shoved towards his face. "Thank you? But... why do you have so many?"
"Wallpaper." Sherlock mumbles, rolling up the remaining reports to hide within his coat.
Perhaps it is not good to admit you wish to paper your walls with a forensics report.

make whole what has been smashed by charlie j (gigantic)
sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 10k+ | au | crossover | complete
Explaining himself to John turned out to be tedious and clumsy. How to condense a lifetime of knowing into bullet points? How to talk around the particulars of the first day without giving it away that one day Sherlock would fail to understand John in just the same way? Today John was slow, and one day Sherlock Holmes would stop amazing everyone. But they would be brilliant in the middle, and they would have one another to credit for it.

living lore by anonymous
gen | 221b | complete
221b feels them, their lives making marks on its walls, seeping into its bricks and mortar, and soon it cannot even dream of a time when they were not there.

the least of all possible mistakes by rageprufrock.
mycroft/fem!lestrade | rating: m | word count: 20k+ | wip
If ever a people deserved tasering, it’s Holmeses.

at least there's the football by sheffiesharpe.
mycroft/lestrade | rating: nc-17 | word count: 100k+ | series | wip
Lestrade arrives at the pool after the explosion and finds someone else is already there.

not without my blogger by flawedamythyst
gen | rating: g | word count: 900+ | complete
And then they're both laughing, and it's glorious. An actual explosion of giggling from John – beautiful. Record it and keep it for posterity.

your words are gelignite by a touch of insanity
sherlock/john | rating: pg-13 | word count: 10k+ | complete
"I'll tell you what, babe - I'll let you go. Both of you even. If you shoot your pet."

under your skin by sciosophia
fem!sherlock/john | rating: r | word count: 2.5k+ | complete
She turns her head and lifts the violin to her shoulder. John watches, waits to see if there's anything more. She scratches the bow across the strings once, twice, almost experimentally, then says, “When I play the Beatles, I'm thinking about you.”

the syntax of things by what_alchemy
trans!sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 15k+ | complete
“If that’s how I look at you right now, Sherlock, it’s not because of your body. It’s because you’re a stubborn, bloody-minded git who couldn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth. It’s because you let —” He cut himself off and took a sharp breath. “It’s because you let whatever we could have had go because you didn’t have enough faith in me to believe that I would love you exactly as you are.”

the cinnamon peeler by coloredink
sherlock/john | rating: m | word count: 7.5k+ | series
Sherlock nodded. "I don't want to hurt you," he said, very earnestly, because it was very important that John understood. "I just want you. In every way possible."

dress sense by prettyarbitrary
sherlock/john | rating: nc-17 | word count: 6.5k+ | complete
"Like..." John sighed. Two bodies separated by a thin layer of expensive cotton. Warmth radiating through silk. Bare skin even more lush than the cloth Sherlock was dressing him in. "Like you, pressed against me."

+ total: 30 icons & 25 fics.
+ my icon tastes are so freaking obvious. \o/
+ the fics turned out to be mostly fandom classics and other popular fics. all pretty much my favourites. there's quite a few glaringly obvious fics absent too. couldn't be helped though!
+ also i have a tendency to bookmark fic using extracts from the fic itself rather than the author's chosen summary. apologies if that confuses anyone.
+ i have an unholy amount of love for ao3 and as such i try and link there as often as possible.
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