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fandomverse → manifesto.

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Michael Westen has received a "burn notice". Dumped in his hometown of Miami, Florida, he's been left in the cold with no money, no job and no information. With no job history, cash or credit, he becomes a private eye with the skills he picked up as an intelligence operative. With the help of his old friend, the drinking, womanizing Sam Axe, and his gun-running, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Fiona, he makes people's problems go away. But when he's done, Michael's biggest problem becomes finding out who burned him and trying to get back into the game.

01. the characters.

Michael Westen.

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Michael recieves his burn notice whilst on a covert mission in Nigeria at the beginning of the show, and gets dumped in Miami, his hometown. all he wants is to figure out who burned him and why and get back into the game. in the meantime, he gets roped into using his skills by helping other people out with their problems. the sort of problems that can't be solved by going to the police. he comes across as pretty cynical, but underneath all that toughness he's pretty soft-hearted and has a bit of a vulnerable side. he has an uncanny ability to assume different accents and dialects and basically ~morph into any sort of disguise or alias he likes, not to mention, he's got a blackbelt in karate and can kick ass with "anything that fires a bullet or holds an edge." also, he really really likes yoghurt.

Fiona Glenanne.

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i'm ngl, Fi's my favourite character on this show. she's totally badass, takes shit from no one and gorgeous as hell. she used to be Michael's girlfriend back when they met in Ireland some years ago before the show started. he was doing some sort of covert op there and she was working for the IRA (robbing banks apparently!). she comes to Miami for Michael and helps him out with his jobs and figuring out his burn notice. in the intro sequence to each episode she's described as being 'trigger-happy' which has down-pat. she's all for going in guns-blazing instead of doing it the 'hard way'. Fi loves guns. and explosives. anything violent turns her on, pretty much.

Sam Axe.

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Sam is an old buddy of Michael's who's now retired (well, sorta, it's a bit more complicated than that. if you want the full story of how Sam got to be in Miami you'll need to watch The Fall of Sam Axe the Burn Notice movie), and living in Miami. he's an ex-Navy SEAL who loves his beer and rich women who call him their 'boy toy'. he's Michael's go-to guy whenever he needs help. handy with a gun, and an explosive or two, and he has a lot of contacts who come in handy whenever they need info. he's hilarious, wears the most outrageous tourist shirts that should be banned, and he's played by Bruce Campbell. what's not to love?

Madeline Westen & Jesse Porter.

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Madeline, or Maddie, is Michael's chain-smoking, short-tempered mother who lives in Miami. when Michael's dumped in Miami, he's forced to get into contact with her again and over the course of the show asks for her help in his jobs more and more. initially she comes across as pretty self-important and a bit of a hypochondriac, but as the show goes on you realise just how much she loves Michael & Nate, Michael's brother, and will do anything to protect them. she's pretty badass too btw, when she helps Michael out with his 'cases', but i don't wanna say too much.

Jesse is a counterintelligence expert and is the newest addition to the show - he doesn't appear until season four, when Michael accidentally burns him. he gradually becomes part of the team as they work together to find a terrorist, who Jesse was attempting to find before he was burned.

02. the storyline.

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one of the great things about Burn Notice is that it progresses the main storyline each episode (Michael's burn notice), but doesn't go overboard with it. the show is balanced out by having a job-of-the-week, where Michael & the gang help out someone in trouble, interspersed with the ongoing burn notice mystery. it keeps you interested in the burn notice and entertained with the weekly jobs.

03. learn to a spy (aka. the narration).

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each episode features voice-overs from Michael himself, explaining spy-ish things such as how to properly tail a suspect, build a bomb from household appliances, or how to take down a bad guy with a few well-aimed punches. they're voiced in such a way that it sounds a bit like a training manual on how to become a spy. ngl it's pretty cool. it makes you feel a little bit like you could become an amateur spy!

04. robin hood syle (aka. helping the ~little guy).

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otherwise known as 'clients'. over the course of an episode Michael acquires a client (sometimes more) you really needs Michael to get them out of a bind they're in - someone stole their money, someone wants them dead... it could be anything. Michael, with all his spy knowledge and his ability to know how to manipulate people to do what he wants, comes in really handy. he doesn't often want to help these people (he'd rather be doing his own thing), but when you're a burned spy without a job or a proper identity you gotta do what you gotta do.

05. guns & explosions.

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EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. with someone like Fiona on your team, who really likes explosives and guns, it'd be a very strange episode if something doesn't blow up at least once. but come on, who doesn't like watching shit blow up? there's also the occasional gun fight. and by 'occasional' i mean, all the time. if you're like me: attractive people + guns = HOT.

06. playing dress-up.

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most of the time when helping out ~clients, Michael, and sometimes Fi & Sam (Jesse and even Maddie have been roped into helping out too), have to put on a disguise or an alias in order to fool the 'bad guy' into doing what they want. it's a bit like they're running a con. some of the alias' are pretty badass, some are actually pretty funny. keep an eye out for Sam's different variations of Chuck Finley (his favourite alias name) - they're especially enjoyable.

07. awesome bad guys.

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there's your run-of-the-mill, weekly bad guy, who's usually a drug dealer or a scam-artist or some other scum of the earth type of person, and then there are the bad guys who stick around for a little longer just to make Michael's life miserable. it usually has something to do with Michael's burn notice, and they always always know more than they let on. you love to hate them, basically. they're all badass in their own way, some are fucking crazy, and some are pretty surprising when you find out a bit more about them. you gotta be careful, though, cause some of them are not straight up 'bad guys'. they're tricksy like that.

Burn Notice has done pretty well with their casting of these guys too: Tricia Helfer, Michael Shanks, Tim Matheson, Garret Dillahunt, John Mahoney, Robert Patrick... awesome, right?

08. the humour.

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Burn Notice is, surprisingly, a pretty funny show, whether that's from the antics of certain clients or bad guys, or the roles that the team have to put on, and as above the labels that the show applies to characters being introduced. a lot of the time the 'titles' are named after something that was just said. most of the time they're just ironic.

09. michael/fiona.

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one of my favourites parts of this show is thier (screwed up) relationship. like everything else on this show they're not your average couple. most of the time they're not even a couple, they have a very off/on again sort of relationship. they are not boring in the least. i think Maddie described their relationship pretty well: "Michael and Fiona love each other, and they hate each other. but it's always each other." if you're sick of couples that never ~get together, you don't have to worry, in the current season they've been together for quite a while.

10. location, location, location.

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the show is set in Miami and is actually filmed in Miami, unlike some shows... (i'm looking at you CSI: Miami). as such, the show is very very pretty and leaves you wondering if it really is that frickin' sunny all year round? seriously.

in conclusion,


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→ made for the manifesto challenge at fandomverse.
→ it took me ages to write this fucking thing. i hate explaining stuff lol, and i'm not very good at it. so this whole manifesto is probably terrible and i don't want it to be cause i love this show, and you should all watch it. just excuse my 'woe is me' right now.
→ um. i also didn't spell-check or proof-read. so, apologies for that.